Iceland Southern Coast Itinerary

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Iceland Southern Coast Itinerary

Two Wandering Soles
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Planning a trip to Iceland is a beast. Trust us, we’ve traveled to Iceland 3 times, and have spent countless hours researching.

Hidden gems are hard to find if you don’t know where they are. On our first trip, we drove right past a ton of pretty epic spots because we didn’t know they existed. 

Save yourself hours of research and take the guesswork out of your itinerary planning with our ultimate done-for-you Iceland itinerary!

This 7-9-day trip will bring you along Iceland’s majestic Southern Coast, and ends with time in the exciting city of Reykjavík. This itinerary is a healthy blend of adventure and a bit of luxury. This route brings you to some of the most iconic sights in Iceland as well as hidden gems. This is truly a bucket list trip!

There are so many things to do in Iceland that it can be hard to narrow it down yourself. We’ve only included experiences that we think are worthwhile in our itineraries so you can benefit from our experience and not spend your precious time at tourist traps that turn out to be way less exciting than promised.

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You'll get a PDF download with exclusive lifetime access to our online Iceland Southern Coast Itinerary as well as the full itinerary in PDF version for offline access.

9 planned days (with 7- & 8-day variations)
A planning guide with Iceland travel tips
Easy links for necessary reservations
Exclusive TWS discounts
Our complete Iceland Packing List
Driving directions & times per day
Recommended hotel stays for each night
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19 pages
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